Because of Him

Because of Him

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daniela :) By danalex99 Updated Jul 13

"You've built your walls so high no one can climb them. But I'm gonna try."


Lauren Gates is an eighteen year old girl whose dark past has left her with major trust issues and has caused her to shut out socializing from her life completely. But when she moves with her aunt, everything starts to change.  

Logan Williams is popular, good-looking, and every other good trait there is. And he's determined to help Lauren break out of the shell she's been hiding in for the past three years, no matter what it takes. Although Lauren isn't up for the idea at first, she starts to think that maybe it is time to start opening up to the world again.  

Somewhere along the way, her feelings for Logan start to develop into something more than she expected. But can she really learn to let go and allow herself to feel this way?  Or will she keep holding on to the past?

Shayla8855 Shayla8855 Sep 11
I thought this picture made her look weird too but I looked her up and the other pictures are much prettier
I thought it was dirt or a bug and was like 'ewww' 😂😂😂
miaromem123 miaromem123 Oct 26
i bet that there was a candle and she like knocked over or somethjng and the house caught on fire.. i just don't know how it got knocked over yet!
Im dying here, i replied to the first comment just to see how many people would respond. I think she is beautiful, and she can do whatever she wants with her eyebrows. I just cant belive so many people are fighting over someone elses EYEBROWS. Don't make it your problem.
Idky but I read tree and instantly thought of It All Started With An Apple
sweetwriter sweetwriter Sep 04
Guys her eyebrows are like that because she's a model in the high fashion market. And the number one thing that model agencies tell the models to do is to not touch their eyebrows