Because of Him

Because of Him

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danalex99 By danalex99 Updated Jan 29

"You've built your walls so high no one can climb them. But I'm gonna try."


          Lauren Gates is an eighteen year old girl whose past has left her with major trust issues and has caused her to shut out socializing from her life completely. But when she moves with her aunt to a new state, everything starts to change.  

          Logan Williams is popular, good-looking, and determined to help Lauren break out of the shell she's been hiding in for the past three years - no matter what it takes. 

           Somewhere along the way, her feelings for Logan start to develop into something more than she expected. But can she really learn to let go and allow herself to feel this way? Or will she keep holding on to the past?

  • fiction
  • lauren
  • logan
  • love
  • past
  • romance
  • teen
PREEEEAAAACH I felt the same way about my bullies in kindergarten
Even thought this is sad I'm kinda glad this isn't the typical cliche where her father died and her mother blamed her and her step father was aloud to abuse her
xyerijiminx xyerijiminx Jan 11
the thing that’s pathetic is the fact that you take your “precious” time out of your day to put her down so maybe look at yourself before you judge others thank you.
This is like the vampire diaries.. 
                              She lives with her aunt, her parents died aaand she straighted her hair
luckibears2 luckibears2 Feb 08
Hmmm... I’d say the cliff but make sure she’s got a go pro attached to her head I wanna see what cliff she goes down
at least he didn't go, "What are you lookin at?" I hate it so much like fine go back to being ugly and having no one admire you