1 | badlands ♕ bellamy blake

1 | badlands ♕ bellamy blake

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who is in control? By murphy-trash Completed

"Someone mixed up your spices, didn't they, Ginger?"

"Not another word, Bellhop." 



Growing up as the heir princess of one of the most important guards of the Ark, Brigid Callaghan never thought she would be landed in a cell of the Skybox. But here she was, rotting away because of a secret that she couldn't avoid. At least that's what she tells herself, trying desperately to mute the voice in her head that screams it's all her fault.

One year later and the Council had finally came up with a solution to the flaw in the Ark's system. They were sending the hundred prisoners to the ground. To Earth. One hundred teenagers alone to fend for themselves, what else could possibly go wrong?

Bellamy Blake. Self proclaimed leader of the delinquents was the answer to all her problems. His cocky attitude, inflated ego, and perfect smile, she wanted nothing more than to smack it off of him. 

But with a waging war with the grounders and her natural instinct to protect her loved ones, Brigid and Bellamy will have to work together. A grenade and the detonator. But which one will strike first?

[ the 100 season one ]

[ bellamy blake ]

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I would know this scene anywhere, this is where they get locked in the room and Isaac has a spaz
                              I miss him so much......
-isaaclahey -isaaclahey Jun 16
My name's Bridget!! 😝  it's so cool to see my name in a fanfic, I feel like people never use the name Bridget!
lol back when I thought Octavia could live happily ever after
poetloey poetloey Sep 12, 2016
Now I really wish you owned the 100. Raven deserves so much better
I am Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez your Bellhop