Character Assassination

Character Assassination

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I need a character for a story. Lets call him Fred. Fred is 5'11", weighs 185lbs and has blond hair and blue eyes. Do you love him yet? What if I tell you he has a six pack? No? Neither do I really. I mean who names their character Fred, you'd always be waiting for him to yell "Wilmaaaa". (Sorry, old guy joke,)

Lets make Fred a vampire, nope, that's been done, maybe a... nope. Let's see, what kind of story I am putting him in? Let's go for a good slasher horror story. So Fred's a mechanic. He'll be able to whip up any kind of machine to slaughter bad guys by the dozens.

So Fred, the mechanic goes out to slaughter bad guys. He meets Wilma, neither of them have seen the Flintstones so it's OK. What isn't OK is that they have nothing to talk about. She's a hairdresser and he's a mechanic. He does have nice hair, but there only so many times a girl can run her hand through even the best head of hair.

So I'm going to give Wilma a secret passion for muscle cars. Now she can talk shop with...

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XChocolateLolliPopsX XChocolateLolliPopsX Jun 03, 2013
I liked it when he stabbed the guy with the knitting needle.  LOL.
mydiamondintherough mydiamondintherough May 18, 2013
I think your writings are amazing. They are so helpful and insightful.
AngelaStevens562 AngelaStevens562 May 15, 2013
keep these coming Alex, they are funny but informative - they are also a welcome distraction (hmmm good or bad?) during the day, everytime I see one pop up on my feed I am compelled to come right over and get my fix!