~ Imagines ~

~ Imagines ~

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Espinosa By lolafig Updated Apr 30, 2016

× Sammy Wilk ×


You walked in from work really tired. Sammy greeted you once you entered. "Hey babe how was work." he asked. "I just want to go to sleep." you said tirely. 

You walked over towards him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. You  took off your heels and put threw them to the side. As you ran upstairs you could he Sammys footsteps right behind you. "Why'd you go to work in that dress?" he asked, looking at me with a scrunched face. 

"Because I can now leave me alone I'm tired." you groaned. You went into the bathroom and took off your makeup. "Y/n get your ass in here right now." ¥ou heard Sammy yell. You rushed into the room. "What?" you rolled your eyes. He walked towards you pushing you against the wall.

"Stop talking to your daddy like that." his breath fanned over neck giving you chills. "Well I'm sorry daddy but you should move." you said almost stuttering. He put your hands above your head, sliding his other hand down your body slowly. 

"You better ...

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