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Tell Me A Lie

Tell Me A Lie

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Book Worm By BookWorm0006 Completed

Scarlett Rose doesn't know what to make out of life. All she knows for now is that she wants out. Out from her abusive parents. Out from the stress of being a teenager. She won't admit that she's depressed, and insists that she's just being realistic. She just knows life is cruel and there's nothing you can do about it but accept that you're fucked up. This is her outlook on life since forever, but then she meets Jai. Jai who is just as fucked up as her. Something about him intrigues her and her world changes. For the better or for the worse, she isn't sure.

In the forest  the mighty forest  the lion sleeps tonight. In the the forest/wooods the quiet jungle the lion sleeps tonight. Oooohh oooooh wing aaawea way. This chapter just reminded me of that song.
simsicle simsicle Apr 07, 2016
This is the first book I'm reading off you, (I think 😂) and (judging from other people and from reading this chapter) I can tell that you're a very awesome author, I look forward to reading your amazing books! :D
simsicle simsicle Apr 07, 2016
(I just realised I've read your other books too xD) srsly this book DERSERVES more views, comments and votes!!! Like millions of views like other books.
AMonsterLikeHuman AMonsterLikeHuman Jul 29, 2016
Lucky, you only can't feel on feeling. I can't feel almost anything other then anger and sadness. My own feelings to be exact.
AlishaMalkani AlishaMalkani Dec 18, 2015
I've read a few of your books and I'm gonna be honest. Your my favorite author on wattpad and I'm always looking forward for your updates! Your amazing and I can't wait to find out what Quotev is and then once I get what it is, I'm gonna read your books ASAP!  Take care x
AmandaCook2 AmandaCook2 Dec 15, 2015
I absolutely love your stories :) ♥! I honestly don't know how to put my feelings for this book into words xD. Just keep writing you're amazing!! ♥♥♥