I Shouldn't Have Fallen For Her, But I Did

I Shouldn't Have Fallen For Her, But I Did

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Talex FanFiction

Mostly in Tobin's PoV, the cover may look deceiving 

I fell for her, I shouldn't have.

"ARGH!"  I groan loudly into the night. 

I sat on a bench in a park near my house with my head in my hands.

I frustratedly pull on my brown hair that covers my face right now. A tear slips out of my eye and I quickly wipe it away.

I'm still wearing my soccer gear from earlier today so I pull off my cleats.

I hear foot steps to the left of me and my head snaps up quickly to see who's foot steps those are.

I see the person who is my sworn enemy and the person I'm falling for stop in her tracks when our eyes connect.

Alex Morgan has a shocked look on her face and slowly starts to walk towards me. 

I whimper and start to scoot towards the end of the bench, remembering how she and her gang left marks that would never heal on my body.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you anymore." She says says softly and reaches out to touch my shoulder.

hawkfrost2 hawkfrost2 May 25
I've read this book more than once and I never noticed that they were wearing opposite socks & shirts
KarmyArmy_ KarmyArmy_ Jan 11
@oitnb_uswnt you just go all out on his ass huh? I like it :)
KarmyArmy_ KarmyArmy_ Jan 11
Alex sweetie, I know Tobin is hot, like reeeeaaaly hot, but she meant for you to look at the bike not her pfff
uswnt3 uswnt3 Dec 24, 2015
How does More and Christen bully anyone?  They're so innocent and sweet
oitnb-uswnt oitnb-uswnt Dec 18, 2015
Pls tell me why i read "han solo" instead of "san holo" ...... I dont even like star wars
AshleyIsBoring AshleyIsBoring Dec 16, 2015
please update soon! this is already good and making me anxious and it's just the first chapter!!