His Personal Maid

His Personal Maid

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Do you think being a heartless-rude-most arrogant boys' maid is easy? 

Oh, No. 

It's Deceptively awful. 


Jungkook suddenly pushed me hard against the door "I am the master," he leans in "and you will obey me." With that, he smashed his lips onto mine.


I didn't copy right. If there are any similarities to any other stories then it is definitely coincidence.

chloeafter chloeafter 2 days ago
Lol all those Jungshook people. Anyways.. Did she call him oppa before for him to hate her? 😂
AlliyahVHemmings AlliyahVHemmings Dec 28, 2016
ouchhhhhhh. Jungkookie is too harsh :-( but yeah i like his image here :D
mytaee mytaee 2 days ago
Well im reporting this to seokjin. Jeon get ready to be spanked