Royalty (Harry Styles AU) / #Wattys2016

Royalty (Harry Styles AU) / #Wattys2016

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snapbackharry94 By snapbackharry94 Updated Jan 12, 2017

Prince Harry did not want a wife. He was happy bedding the women of the kingdom without a care.

But when Princess Eleanora waltzed into his life, he was stunned to have her shake his world upside down.

With his kingdom on the line, what will he choose? His pride, or a chance of love?

"I do not understand why you are being so kind to me." An eye peeked open to look behind him, staring at her soft face. Harry didn't deserve anybody like her. She had every reason to hate him; he had been truly terrible to her when she had been the opposite.

"I would understand if you left. I would not blame you if you did. I am a terrible person, as you stated before. Though you would experience harships, marrying that stable boy of yours would be a much more fulfilling life than the one you would experience with me."

She shrugged. "I know." And she knew he wasn't expecting that.

"It probably would be easier. I wouldn't think of the noises of him bedding someone else, or remember how his hand wrapped around my neck." She knew that a life without him would be easier.

"But I think you deserve a chance. I think you really are a kind person, capable of love. Deep down there's a man in there that's noble and loving and kind...."


Royal AU :)

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dirtysmirkharry dirtysmirkharry Jun 08, 2017
I believe the words in between the / / are supposed to be in italic
dirtysmirkharry dirtysmirkharry Jun 08, 2017
"yOu'Re NoThInG bUt A bOdY fOr Me To UsE aNd ThEn ThRoW aWaY." Yeah boi, see you in a few chapters👋📞
jordiewatters jordiewatters Apr 04, 2017
Love it already just don't understand the lines all through it. Throws me off a little
Fascinatingpotatooo Fascinatingpotatooo Aug 31, 2016
I love the way harry looks when he's angry i don't know I just love it
karlaasaiz97 karlaasaiz97 Jun 15, 2016
I just found this and im so excited to read it ☺️ btw great picture on the side, really gives to Harry that prince vibe i love it
AU1Dfics AU1Dfics Jul 02, 2016
I won't lie, while I do like the general plot it concerns me a little just how brutal Harry comes off. I also would've liked to get to know Eleanora better in the beginning. 
                              I do love the length of your chapters.