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Downside Up

Downside Up

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Lee ✨ By SincerelyLee2063 Completed

"Things always get worse before they get better." 

Have you ever wondered what makes a person the way they are? Some people will argue it's nature, some will argue it's nurture. Whatever the case may be, there is one undeniable fact- parents have a great influence on who we become. Whether it's a simple personality trait or leading a certain lifestyle, parents help mold us. 

In this book, you will meet three different teenagers being parented in three very different ways. 

First there is seventeen year old, William Washington, son of the infamous solider, Brienton Washington and housewife Wilma. For years, the Washington's have followed the family tradition of their sons enlisting in the army. In the Washington's household the man is the leader- more like a dictator. William has no problem following the rules, however, he does have one problem. He doesn't want to follow the family's tradition all while dealing with his father's harsh punishments. 

Next there is sixteen year old, Clementine Aguilar, daughter of Roslyn Aguilar. Clementine has a dream to become a runway model. The only problem is that she doesn't exactly have the "body" for it. To make matters worse she has a very unsupportive mother who is constantly shoving her own ideas of what she wants Clementine to be down her throat. Clementine will have to endure a lot of different obstacles in order to stay true to herself and her dreams. 

Lastly, there is sixteen year old, Melody Hernandez, daughter of Bryant and Winter Hernandez. Melody is very much a free spirit and has a mind of her own. However, her household has a hard time letting Melody be her own person. They constantly coddle Melody which has made her very spoiled and slightly selfish. But soon Melody will have to grow up very soon when a life changing event takes place.

Enter their lives as their worlds are turned downside up.

THE FAMOUS LIE  ,  welcome to grandmahood winter wait till Bryant hears this.
iluvmomo iluvmomo 21 hours ago
Well he was better off anyways , soon as I herd the married after 18 part had me on edge
If I knew you don't do that from jump, I can't be mad. I'd be more concerned as to why. Nobody just thinks something is nasty. There's almost always a reason why, big or small
So they kept smashing, had kids, and she still on that bullshyt 😒
Need to tell the truth everything starting from his childhood smh
You do what you want. She do what she want. If you don't like that, why you together?