My Possessive Bodyguard (Completed)

My Possessive Bodyguard (Completed)

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Shadow Girl By DarkAngelsRisen5 Completed

(This story is very cliche so if you don't like that, don't read it.)

Paris Clark has a big problem. For one, she has a stalker who sends her love notes and gifts and two, her father hired her a bodyguard, much to her displeasure. But when she meets her new bodyguard, she doesn't expect him to look like a Greek god. Paris decides to give him a chance to be her bodyguard. What could go wrong?

But then, she starts to notice it. She feels his eyes on her when he thinks she isn't looking. He scares off potential boyfriends and acts possessive. He tells her what to do and what not to do. Then, her clothes start disappearing and she doesn't know how. Isn't her bodyguard supposed to keep the stalker away?

What she didn't realize was that her stalker was closer than he seemed.

clueless121 clueless121 2 days ago
Creepy but cute if it makes sense lol who wouldn't guess there was a camera
Bitch you don't know. Wait till you find out who it is. P.S Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer
asuna0245 asuna0245 Sep 18
I thought this was the authors note or something in the beginning 😂
asuna0245 asuna0245 Sep 18
That's kinda creepy though, if she found another guy would the Mr. Stalker over there kill him? Or do something else extreme like sabotage their relationships?
damnmelife damnmelife 2 days ago
Okay I know he's a stalker but could we all pause and aww I mean that is soo sweet
keyera_lynn keyera_lynn 5 days ago