Still Here (Slightly Yandere!Akise Aru x reader)

Still Here (Slightly Yandere!Akise Aru x reader)

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(ON HIATUS) By spirianimelover Updated Aug 20

(Y/n) and Yuki are best friends and hang out together a lot. Only talk to each other and stay with each other. One day they found out they were a part of this game. Meeting two new people changing there lives and the way they think but was this what they really wanted...? When did (Y/n) get involved?

Hello spiri-chan here i made this cause i haven't seen any good akise x reader so i hope you enjoy it!

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki its characters and most of the plot belongs to its rightful owners. The fanfic belongs to author-chan. And you belong to Akise.

Sempai(not Taro Eli from irl)-What's up with her?
                              Me-Shi-I mean Shnickerdoodles!
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So what? Unsocial people are so far the best people I've meet in life. ( ò _ ó ) #Triggered
- - Feb 22
                              WHAT is this"Interesting" game you are planning?! Whatever it is I don't think I wanna be part of it unless it involves me NOT getting killed! *Rambles on*
                              PLEASE UPDATE THIS!!!!!!     XD
Are you jealous that you can't be me? Like I've known Yuuki longer than you, you pink marshmallow!