Still Here (Slightly Yandere!Akise Aru x reader)

Still Here (Slightly Yandere!Akise Aru x reader)

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(ON HIATUS) By spirianimelover Updated Aug 20, 2016

(Y/n) and Yuki are best friends and hang out together a lot. Only talk to each other and stay with each other. One day they found out they were a part of this game. Meeting two new people changing there lives and the way they think but was this what they really wanted...? When did (Y/n) get involved?

Hello spiri-chan here i made this cause i haven't seen any good akise x reader so i hope you enjoy it!

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki its characters and most of the plot belongs to its rightful owners. The fanfic belongs to author-chan. And you belong to Akise.

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Favourite (f/c) (Black) hoodie. What a coincidence I am wearing a black hoodie
Yuno: *says yuki i million of times*
                              Yuki: i will change my name
DemeiWo25 DemeiWo25 3 days ago
Very interesting and fun, the game is survival, so we have to kill others and survive, then become god and be lonely forever. ^^
-patataman- -patataman- Mar 15
When you speak Spanish and come to read your English practice :'v
I actually  imagine me dragging Yuki around while his typing in his diary right now
panda1hatter panda1hatter Dec 27, 2016
I actually keep a diary in my phone notes because last time I had a notebook one my brother broke the lock and read it to every one so I burned the pages I wrote on and then I saw the anime but I only write about events or things that are important to me in a way so not every day.