[Kind A On Hold]Still Here (Slightly Yandere!Akise Aru x reader)

[Kind A On Hold]Still Here (Slightly Yandere!Akise Aru x reader)

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Garbage Can By spirianimelover Updated Aug 20, 2016

(Y/n) and Yuki are best friends and hang out together a lot. Only talk to each other and stay with each other. One day they found out they were a part of this game. Meeting two new people changing there lives and the way they think but was this what they really wanted...? When did (Y/n) get involved?

Hello spiri-chan here i made this cause i haven't seen any good akise x reader so i hope you enjoy it!

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki its characters and most of the plot belongs to its rightful owners. The fanfic belongs to author-chan. And you belong to Akise.

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MochiYuko_ MochiYuko_ Apr 21, 2017
Favourite (f/c) (Black) hoodie. What a coincidence I am wearing a black hoodie
WeEd_Is_DuMb WeEd_Is_DuMb Jun 18, 2017
Yuno: *says yuki i million of times*
                              Yuki: i will change my name
DemeiWo25 DemeiWo25 Nov 20, 2017
Very interesting and fun, the game is survival, so we have to kill others and survive, then become god and be lonely forever. ^^
Rock1421 Rock1421 Apr 05
No, no, no little boy and me. It is not in your heads, and it is a lot more interresting than you can imagine
- - Mar 15, 2017
When you speak Spanish and come to read your English practice :'v
SHSLSpace_Goddess SHSLSpace_Goddess Jan 04, 2017
I actually  imagine me dragging Yuki around while his typing in his diary right now