Power trip

Power trip

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She looked at him with nonchalance. 

All he saw was pain. 

She was used to being alone. 

He wanted to give her everything. 

She was drowning in her pain. 

He had to save her. 

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. 

He fell harder. 

They played a game he pretended to win. He wanted to love her.  She didn't want that. 

He had to have her so He married her. 

They live in different cities. She was like a stranger.

He needed saving-- she wasn't there. He spiralled out of control. 

He wasn't the man she knew anymore. He didn't need her. She needed him. He didn't love her. She would do anything to have him back. 

He had a debt to repay.....

It killed him.

She was much too late. 

Sequel to 'Lie about us'

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