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~:Just a touch: ~ A Septiplier Fanfic

~:Just a touch: ~ A Septiplier Fanfic

11.5K Reads 199 Votes 3 Part Story
Glassy By GC_121200 Completed

Just a small one-shot I decided to make
Second chapter will be smut

AwesomeFuzz AwesomeFuzz Feb 10
                              I'm sorry
                              *deep breath*
                              IT STARTED WITH A WHISPEEERRRR
Darkmagiciangirl2002 Darkmagiciangirl2002 Nov 11, 2016
Unfriended was really good. I just wish that I didn't watch it alone. I couldn't sleep at all... I'm such a baby.
PrincessFraz PrincessFraz Sep 16, 2016
I like how Jack just woke up and then he's eating popcorn 😂😂 dats how we do 😂😰
ParisTheCat4 ParisTheCat4 Dec 02, 2016
Ohhhh fangirling too much I love it so much I will always remember this story ^-^
TheUnknownWriter_8D TheUnknownWriter_8D Dec 21, 2016
When something like that happens my dad says what's gonna happen you gonna get in trouble by the tea police
SpaceBorb SpaceBorb Sep 24, 2016
Oh my gosh everything is so soft and sweet and 
                              I love it