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Total Drama World Tour, I came here to win! (COMPLETED)

Total Drama World Tour, I came here to win! (COMPLETED)

13.5K Reads 512 Votes 26 Part Story
Ellie By ellie8910 Completed

Meet Tamara! She's a 18 year old girl! A mysterious girl haunted by a dark past. Tamara came to total drama to win. She came with strong tactics and winning attitude but things don't exactly do according to plan. Will a certain sarcastic bookworm trip her into losing a million dollars? Or will it be the acts of a flirtatious Spaniard? Find out in this exciting journey on total drama world tour! 

WHOOP! This is my second book guys! I have another one that's completed, also based on total drama! It's called ' Total Drama All Stars, Plus Another' If you want to go check it out! 
I hope you enjoy this! If updates are too slow just remind be to get off my lazy ass!
HELL YES GUYS! We just reached 100 reads and 15 votes! I'm so grateful for your support guys! ILYL BYE!
Hey guys, follow me on my new instagram account dedicated to this wattpad account! ellie8910_wattpad. If you do you'll be getting news on when I'll next be updating and maybe some sneak peaks on future chapters!
300 reads guys! This story is beginning to blow up! Thank you so much!
What the flip. This story managed to go from 400 to 500 reads in less then 8 hours! Wow, thank you so much!

magicalauthor13 magicalauthor13 Oct 20, 2016
Sure you don't, juts like how Alejandro didn't like heather at the end of this season. Just saying
hannah8772 hannah8772 Jun 04, 2016
Who else though of heather and Alejandro ? "Don't worry your pretty little head" I won't worry my pretty head "wait for me and my pretty head!"
_UnTiLdAwNiSdAsHiT_ _UnTiLdAwNiSdAsHiT_ Aug 22, 2016
When I read in the description "A certain sarcastic bookworm" I was like I NEED TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!
Elliepiecqt Elliepiecqt Jan 17, 2016
I was laughing so much at the song 😂 I really like Tamara and Alejandros relationship! But herand oath is just, 😍