Blasphemous Relations

Blasphemous Relations

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Xx_LoveMeTender_xX By Xx_LoveMeTender_xX Updated Mar 03, 2016

"No one can do you the way that I do." he smirked. 

As if the relationships between vampires and werewolves wasn't awkward enough, the Gods decided that Blaise, of the Tormenta Pack, would be the perfect to Xenos Zukowski. But love isn't as simple when there is more than one specie involved and even more when an ass like Blaise is involved. But surely the Gods have made no mistake to pair them up because Xenos' specializes in taming wild animals. 

He's got a long way to go.

24jeremy 24jeremy Nov 04, 2016
I'd never abandon you - is not something you should start a negotiation with
24jeremy 24jeremy Nov 04, 2016
He starts allowing other people to love him blaise would man up.
AndreFrise AndreFrise Aug 14, 2016
YOU MADE A SEQUEL FOR XENOS & BLAISE WITHOUT TELLING ME ?!?! you friggin cum dumpster, i thought you were dead ! D: this made me so happy to see you back, continuing this story & making it about Xenos <3 christmas came early this year !
xx_luvmyself_xx xx_luvmyself_xx Mar 14, 2016
chapterette chapterette Jan 13, 2016
Xee is such a strong character I can't imagine him tolerating Blaise's infidelity...what is wrong with Blaise's wolf??
                              And is Xee stared into the woman's face why does he keep asking Blaise if he knows her?
OhMyGlobSoCliche189 OhMyGlobSoCliche189 Dec 30, 2015
Why are you being punished? You didn't do anything wrong he's the one that cheated!