Unknown Friends #Wattys2016

Unknown Friends #Wattys2016

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Kourtnay Hermione Ellis Malfoy By Wolf_Ellis Updated Nov 20

We stood silently infront of the fireplace. The others stood behind us wands at their side. 

I turn and look at Draco, he nodded assuringly. I turn back and see Harry already stepped into the fire place with floo powder, Ron stepped next to him, I followed. 

I grabbed Harry's hand than Ron's, I was holding my breath as Harry held out his hand to drop the powder. 


Note: I do not own all characters in this book, some do belong to me, others belong to the original authour J.K. Rowling.

intoriddle intoriddle Sep 16
lets transfigurate his pillow into a spider so he can remember fred and cry his arse out not bc he's scared lol whats good *chokes* *cries* but do it
KeliKent KeliKent Apr 11
I thought harry had given Ginny a promise ring? I'm confused lol but loving the story. 😄
So gin and Harry aren't together but you said they got engaged. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEAAE
But didn't it say that Harry gave Ginny a promise ring promising that they would marry
Astoria is nice I hate when stories portray her as an awful person when you first meet her cause I like to think she is the kind of person to not out off a bad first impression
Yes yes he is😈😈😈😈 I love my fellow snakes 💚🐍💚🐍💚