Unknown Friends #Wattys2016

Unknown Friends #Wattys2016

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Kourtnay Hermione Ellis Malfoy By Wolf_Ellis Updated Nov 20, 2016

We stood silently infront of the fireplace. The others stood behind us wands at their side. 

I turn and look at Draco, he nodded assuringly. I turn back and see Harry already stepped into the fire place with floo powder, Ron stepped next to him, I followed. 

I grabbed Harry's hand than Ron's, I was holding my breath as Harry held out his hand to drop the powder. 


Note: I do not own all characters in this book, some do belong to me, others belong to the original authour J.K. Rowling.

xxshilpsxx xxshilpsxx Jul 23
Oh yes you are but dont worry sweetie-you'll have PLENTY of time to memorize the scent;)
lol I can imagine Fred as a ghost Ron what's that ticking noise and like a fart bomb or something explodes in the commons and everyone groans " FRED!" And you just see faded red her and a malicious little chuckle
Of course you are, darling.
                              You've got a nose and a good sense of smell, right?
lowen46 lowen46 Jul 24
No comment (you see this is ironic, because I COMMENTed no comment)
xxshilpsxx xxshilpsxx Jul 23
Ha ha hahahaha ha haha(why do i feel like the joker typing this) that is SOOOOOOOO true
lowen46 lowen46 Jul 24
I love it when the Slytherins aren't antagonised, they can be wonderful people