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latibule ➳ bucky barnes

latibule ➳ bucky barnes

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ᗰarჄenette By Maryenette Completed

latibule (n)
a hiding place; of safety and comfort

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He was alone in this world. He couldn't trust anyone, couldn't believe anything anybody said. He was confused, cold, hurt and most of all, he was broken. He seemed colder than Winter itself, but he was merely a lonely soul yearning for the comfort of a friend, or anyone for that matter.

Then he met her.

She was a deity, the purest soul he had ever laid his eyes upon. Her gentle and kind heart broke through his barriers.

She was his latibule.

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- highest rank on Fanfiction : #319 -
- 05/11/2016 : 100K views -

- A Bucky x Original Character Fanfiction -
- All characters and the universe belongs to Marvel -
- I only own a few of the characters and some other elements of the story -
- Set after the Winter Soldier, but the storyline is altered (the events of the Avengers: Age of Ultron never took place, or anything after that and Loki will be part of the Avengers now) -
-Warning: Language-

tsneem_21 tsneem_21 Jun 12
James Buchanan Barnes get back and eat with your family right this second
I imagined a really really really long table with them at either end lmao
KarasuNeko KarasuNeko Jun 21
Idk if her stuttering is a disorder or she's just a timid ass person, but it's pissing me off
Poptart_playz10 Poptart_playz10 a day ago
Well then... Why glare when you can do adorkable things like pout cutely?
I know this is a bucky book but I can't help who I ship 😂
Poptart_playz10 Poptart_playz10 a day ago
So do I just because he's stubborn and evil and a kidnapper and a murderer and okay so maybe nawh I got nothing. . .