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Let's Go To Italy! Namimori High School Class 1-A School Trip (KHR Fanfiction)

Let's Go To Italy! Namimori High School Class 1-A School Trip (KHR Fanfiction)

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TheAnemicWriter21 By TheAnemicWriter21 Updated Dec 01, 2016

Tsuna and his friends are now in high school and it's time for their school trip. Tsuna was looking forward to it but all of his excitement vanished into thin air when Reborn ( in his adult form and disguised as the respectable Boreen-sensei ) showed up in his class to announced that Class 1-A will go to Italy for their school trip. And much to his horror, their trip was sponsored by Vongola and the date of the trip will fall on the same week of his and his guardians Inheritance Ceremony. While Gokudera and Yamamoto were excited, Tsuna was dreading the day and the inevitable that his classmates will found out the real him. That he's the boss of the most influential and powerful mafia famiglia in the world.

He's becoming Sebastian, except Takeshi is one hell of a hitman
Eww! Kyoko and Tsuna!! Sorry but I just don't like her. It's not her it's me... pfft who am I kidding it's her! She's too much alike with Nana that I don't like her, they just rub the the wrong way. I'm not a fan of Yaoi so I'd rather Tsuna is single or with an OC.
Suga4Life Suga4Life Mar 17
This is my second straight ship..... I ship R27 but this is just to cuteeee
idiez99 idiez99 Apr 22
O ok if she(Kyoko) is like that i accept them as a couple hha
55Jill55 55Jill55 Dec 02, 2016
Who is his damn tutor, Reborn is obviously rubbing off on him.
Is the end of the world REBORN COMPLIMENTED TSUNA , NO WAY THAT IS AN IMPOSTER😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱