Why? || Kim Taehyung

Why? || Kim Taehyung

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"Ever since that day I saved you from suiciding, I wanted to achieve one thing.
And that was to make you smile. And I'll try my best to do that,"

Officially started: 22nd December 2015
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when I read hardened, I thought something else hardened... MY MINDDDDD
sugaegyo_ sugaegyo_ Sep 02, 2016
i mean all the girls in the fanfics with yoongi need that teacher
TaesTiggOBitties TaesTiggOBitties Jul 25, 2016
hell knowing me id try to pull him away from the edge but instead i would fall over the railing with him
yeolxchxn yeolxchxn Aug 27, 2016
                              HE IS SWEET COOL CHILDISH CUTE AND INNOCENT
                              HE MAY BE A BYUNTAE BUT IDI
yeolxchxn yeolxchxn Aug 27, 2016
Because some fictional people have been suffering from the trauma of rooftops. *cough* suicide *cough*
yeolxchxn yeolxchxn Aug 27, 2016
Bish that was rOOD 
                              This teach might have a crush on our precious taetae.