Why? || Kim Taehyung

Why? || Kim Taehyung

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●chamsae● By rongberrie Updated Mar 24

"Ever since that day I saved you from suiciding, I wanted to achieve one thing.
And that was to make you smile. And I'll try my best to do that,"

Officially started: 22nd December 2015
#99 in Fanfiction - 08.07.2016

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0XYJIN 0XYJIN Nov 26, 2017
maybe because our school roof top literally is just a roof like no fences or anything and we can’t go up there too
pastelxrainbows pastelxrainbows Jul 06, 2017
nah fam u should read sum fanfics. it's always the rooftops!!
parkkiminn parkkiminn Jul 06, 2017
I just love that her skirt has pockets. Can't find much of those ;-;
GirlAlias GirlAlias Dec 28, 2017
Lol I'm trying to imagine Taehyung doing that but it's impossible
silver_charm22 silver_charm22 Sep 19, 2017
i think the teacher is afraid of how taehyung might effect or influence her with his bad  and suicidal personality/attitude??
romanticismskiss romanticismskiss May 23, 2017
Why you still laying on the ground, go get that fine mother chucker