Why? || Kim Taehyung

Why? || Kim Taehyung

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"Ever since that day I saved you from suiciding, I wanted to achieve one thing.
And that was to make you smile. And I'll try my best to do that,"

Officially started: 22nd December 2015
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I would say you go girl, but pretty much any fangirl woykd want to make Kim Taehyung smile  :) XD
sugaegyo_ sugaegyo_ Sep 02
i mean all the girls in the fanfics with yoongi need that teacher
hell knowing me id try to pull him away from the edge but instead i would fall over the railing with him
-kogffe -kogffe Aug 27
                              HE IS SWEET COOL CHILDISH CUTE AND INNOCENT
                              HE MAY BE A BYUNTAE BUT IDI
-kogffe -kogffe Aug 27
Because some fictional people have been suffering from the trauma of rooftops. *cough* suicide *cough*
Taehyung would never. He's too cute and kind and innocent and.....I'll just stop now...lol