My Monster - EDITING

My Monster - EDITING

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"She'll be fine. After all these years you've done the same thing, Bruce. Unwillingly bringing trouble to yourself. Christine shouldn't be something to get all worried about... And I mean that in the best way possible."
"I know Alfred. I just can't help but think I'm the one who caused this to happen. If only I had waited a couple more days before I told her..."
"Maybe this wouldn't have happened?" Alfred finished for him. "It doesn't matter if you waited a day or a month longer. Telling her something only I knew about brought the two of you closer. Christine also appeared livelier that night than she had in a long time."
"Alfred... I hope you're right." Bruce looked over to the closed door to her bedroom.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Batman franchise. This includes many characters like Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, The Joker etc. I do not own Gotham City or Arkham Asylum. I do however own the storyline that this fic is following, along with a few original characters like Nathaniel Holden, Suzi Jackson and Christine A. Wayne. I am unsure as to the extent of ownership I have over this material.

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AFictionalAttraction AFictionalAttraction Dec 03, 2017
If you see anymore ‘Albert’s I apologies. For the first 7 chapters I did it on my phone and it kept autocorrecting ‘Alfred’ to ‘Albert’.