My Brother Says I'm Dangerous

My Brother Says I'm Dangerous

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"Eva!" My Brother slams the car door shut, storming over to where we sit. I roll my eyes, not wanting to deal with him. 

"Go home Nick." I tell him, picking up another can of beer. 

"Get in the car!" He spits at me. 

"No!" I yell. "I'm fine. You can't tell me what to do!" 

"I swear Eva, you are out of control!" Nick finishes. "And something has to change." 


Eva was always one to follow the rules, the poster child for good behavior. She lives with her brother, and never gave him any trouble. 

After a traumatic event, Eva spirals out of control. She falls in with the wrong crowd, and couldn't care less about her future. 

Eventually, her brother can't take it. So he decides to do something about it. 

Moving halfway across the country, to a town full of strangers, should do something, right? 

Eva doesn't think so. But maybe it's for the best. 

After all. Her brother says she's dangerous.

I read it all started with a tampon to and i was reading it none stop on my phone and finished in like 3 and a half hours
I just finished reading the bad boys saw mW naked and I loved it
lyssa092 lyssa092 May 23, 2016
Uhm is this connected to the story "It All Started With A Tampon"??
And I just read it all started with a tampon and finished it in 4 hours
OneRandomCarina OneRandomCarina Apr 29, 2016
I've read both of those and I can now officially say that they are pretty much my two favorite books on here
confvsedasfvck confvsedasfvck Apr 22, 2016
Yes! I finally found a book that really caught my interest. Lets get on with the journey <3