napkin [jungkook]

napkin [jungkook]

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alex By sourkook Updated Dec 23, 2017

"Why does my bag smell like soy sauce?"

(discontinued until further notice)

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imtaeriggered imtaeriggered Apr 17, 2017
LMAO I thought the napkin is a sanitary pad since thats what we mostly call it.. and I thought there's a pad with blood in it and its inside the bag thats why it smells like soy sauce. 
                              tf is wrong with me
raaaandooom raaaandooom Jan 17, 2017
when you're Filipino and you think of something else(・ิω・ิ)
egguks egguks Dec 29, 2015
idk why i didn't get a notification that you tagged me in this but i can't stop smiling. i'm glad you like my corny books :') <3
2seoks 2seoks Dec 17, 2015
this makes me so happy, i don't why you like my books but i'm glad you like them (: asdfghjkl i love you <33