The Dentist I Michael Jackson FanFiction I Maturity Warning

The Dentist I Michael Jackson FanFiction I Maturity Warning

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|MJFA's Winner 2k16|

|I DO NOT under any circumstances condone underaged dating! IT IS NOT SAFE!|

I want to say something before you read my story or the description: I beg you young girls out there to NOT date older men if you are still a minor. You may not want to listen but this is the fucking truth- Older men want Younger girls and they are using you! I PROMISE they are using you for your body. So please, if you dont want to have any regrets do NOT date adult men if you are a minor. This story is a fantasy scenario that IS NOT REAL. You need to understand this girls. Thank you for listening.

She wanted respect, especially from men. If her Navy SEAL mother taught her anything it was to be a classy, respectable girl and to never let a man distract her from that.

What happens when Rose and her thirty-year-old dentist, Michael, get involved in a sexual relationship?
(Cover made by myself)

Side Note: Guys this is a very, very sexual story. It is not a porn book, but it is extremely graphic. It is NOT over laced with profanity; the profanity is mild and used well in my opinion. It is NOT overly violent. The violence I am referring to are pushes, shoves, punches, etc. Mainly because of jealousy. It has a very good story line in my opinion as well. You will not get bored. I hope you will enjoy this! P.S. Michael is NOT famous in this story. Just a regular man.

Rose Vlaire - Jamie Gunns
The Dentist, Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson
Chad - Chad Murray

Other characters may be described in the story
Things I DO NOT do in my stories (I am very proper when I write. But I am VERY graphic)

- Miss use " . ! ? "
- Use caps
- Miss spell
- Incorrect Grammar
- Etc.

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  • explicit
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😂😂😂the comments here are crazy, but funny as hell. 😂😂😂
CourageFlavored CourageFlavored Oct 04, 2017
There's always been light and dark shades of #blackgirlmagic so you're not as "unique" as you might think...sorry.
I think this is like my third or fourth time reading this. Great book boo!
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I... don’t know what I’m mixed with 😂😂. But I obviously have more black than white and some other stuff. 🙈🤷‍♀️
Sign_these_balls Sign_these_balls Oct 15, 2017
Must be nice . I wouldn’t know what that feels like since my father doesn’t give a damn about me and left since before I was even born . But , yea . That must be really nice . Touching though