The Dentist I Michael Jackson FanFiction I Maturity Warning

The Dentist I Michael Jackson FanFiction I Maturity Warning

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She wanted respect, especially from men. If her Navy SEAL mother taught her anything it was to be a classy, respectable girl and to never let a man distract her from that.

What happens when Rose and her thirty-year-old dentist, Michael, get involved in a sexual relationship?
(Cover made by myself)

Side Note: Guys this is a very, very sexual story. It is not a porn book, but it is extremely graphic. It is NOT over laced with profanity; the profanity is mild and used well in my opinion. It is NOT overly violent. The violence I am referring to are pushes, shoves, punches, etc. Mainly because of jealousy. It has a very good story line in my opinion as well. You will not get bored. I hope you will enjoy this! P.S. Michael is NOT famous in this story. Just a regular man.

Rose Vlaire - Jamie Gunns
The Dentist, Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson
Chad - Chad Murray

Other characters may be described in the story
Things I DO NOT do in my stories (I am very proper when I write. But I am VERY graphic)

- Miss use " . ! ? "
- Use caps
- Miss spell
- Incorrect Grammar
- Etc.

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Now I don't wanna spoil the book for y'all but uh ... she gon find herself with the NUMBER ONE horndog of all time hehe
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