My Mafia Don

My Mafia Don

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"Hello Mr Zetello" she said,

"Miss Mayamo I just wanted to reassure you that I am in fact your boss and what you did a while ago would have gotten you fired if it was anyone else" I told her sternly but what did I mean if it was someone else,

"I taught the conversation was over Mr Zetello, and why am I different from the other employees is it because we've fucked before" she answered just as stern I could tell she have had enough of my disrespect but I'm stubborn and I had to be right no matter what,

"Listen that was just a one night stand and I only meant different as in much more dumb" I lied to her,


Genovese  Zetello the head of a mafia family who swears never to get close to anyone because of his cold hearted ways,
 He had always found a kitty to lay with but never a kitty to stay with, can this handsome devil ever find love.

 Alexis Mayamo the outcast of the Mayamo family only birthed to save a siblings life, has had her fair share of bad luck when the only person who have ever love her dies what will she do who will she turn to or run into.

Are these two totally opposite people going to fall heart first for each other or does faith have a different plan...... I don't know why are you still reading this all the good stuff is inside ..

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