Power Couple - jariana (famous)

Power Couple - jariana (famous)

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nicole By biebersariana Updated Aug 14

"we're gonna make this duet happen, and to hype it up, I want you two to start acting like a couple" 

I couldn't help but to start laughing at what I just heard. Scooter knows how to make a good joke. 

Justin didn't seem to have a reaction to this. I was expecting him to be against this just as much as I am considering he hates me, but instead he remained silent. 

"Ariana. I'm serious" Scooter said sternly 

He can't be serious. Justin and I can barely stand to be stand to be in the same car together, how could we ever act like a couple?

Sorry that's my son and u will not speak to my child like that- HOLD MY WEAVE.