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dani girl By simplydaani Updated Apr 28


Sometimes, we think our lives are normal. But does anyone know what normal is? Sometimes even having someone at your side, can't help your dark thoughts be set aside. 

Sometimes, we just can't be "Sane"

I thought it was Cassidy then y'all helped my dumb self of course thank you 😂💕
KImperio12 KImperio12 Sep 16
Awww I feel so bad for him. Everyone's saying back off and then there's me lmao
KImperio12 KImperio12 Sep 16
I was thinking Cam at first and got really confused 😂😂
Like everything was good, but E my little sunshine needed to fück things up oh I feel soo bad right now
Omfg Chris😮😮 at first I was thinking cassidy with my dumbas$ 😂
fuckdolans_ fuckdolans_ Aug 24
ethannnnnn stoppp let your brother get the girl please and thanks