Haikyuu!! x Reader

Haikyuu!! x Reader

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A collection of short stories, drabbles, etc. featuring various Haikyuu!! characters!

Check my bio/message board to see if requests are open! (No lemon/smut please)

I don't own Haikyuu!! or any of its characters.

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-papiimiin -papiimiin Sep 22, 2017
                              id do something like this than automatically regret it the next second once i realize what ive done and HOw IM ABOUT TO DIE---
MigiMogi MigiMogi Aug 21, 2017
Aw, this is too cute. It's reminds me how alone I truly am. 
-sadoreo- -sadoreo- Oct 15, 2017
This is literally already better than the book I've written I swear... 😂
- - Apr 20, 2016
i was like looking for Kise Ryouta, i am v tired and then I realized that this is a haikyuu x reader book haha.
                              dont mind me
                              imma still read this tho!!!
jadakko jadakko Mar 27, 2016
head cannon that ushi likes to have staring competitions with his significant other so that he has an excuse to stare at their eyes
TheillegalContractor TheillegalContractor Aug 14, 2016
Oh my god I thought that was his underwear in the picture 😂😂😂😂