Another Way (#TheWattys2016)

Another Way (#TheWattys2016)

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ArmyJaidenA By ArmyJaidenA Updated Aug 27

Every living thing is dying on earth. Organisms, plants, insects, birds, man and, everything else that's a living thing, is dead or dying. An ancient disease has waken in our bodies that has been around since the beginning of earth. Anything that breaths in earth's air or, drinks the water or even has been born on earth were all doomed. So, the last of the humans have sent a time capsule into space, hoping and praying that anyone would find the capsule and find the heart to help the living things on earth. Maybe even give them Another Way to live...
"It's ok to show that your upset, Jillian. Deep down we're all suffering, just that some people show it more than others." Aavet tells me.
She's right. We're all suffering, but when we're forced to abandon our only home we've known for so long and leave all our love ones to die, kills apart of you that you'll never get back. FROM CHAPTER 6/PART 2

Beautiful Cover made by @stardust24601

Highest Ranking in Science Fiction #51

DelaneyML DelaneyML Aug 13
Pretty good book so far, needs some editing but so far pretty good
ArmyJaidenA ArmyJaidenA Jan 31
No worries. May not make sense now but I'll be explaining it further into the story 😊 and thanks for reading!
That would take over 100 years. Unless they somehow invented a faster way. Lol sorry to be so negative I really like this booj
annasbands annasbands Mar 30
DAMN. this is good! so happy i came upon this! finished a book and all others seemed boring. soo good so far!
Madeto_w Madeto_w Oct 13
Never been so happy seeing the word Canadian instead of American!
I came because Marie Avgeropoulos is on the cover and then the cast tells me otherwise:((((((