RENAISSANCE 2.0     Book 1 - Sample Chapters

RENAISSANCE 2.0 Book 1 - Sample Chapters

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Dean C. Moore By deancmoore Completed
A collapsed global economy. And a world gone to hell.  People going postal.  There seems but one thing to do: cave in to the Herculean pressures, or use them to transform from the human to the transhuman.  So is born the Renaissance types of the early 21st Century. One in particular, Robin Baker, may be destined to lead them.  If she can keep her  remarkable powers growing ahead of theirs, and if she can keep her own mind from imploding, before one of them takes out the rest of the planet.
I saw the introductions to book 2 and 3 they sound very interesting I saw 1's introduction but I am very skeptical about reading it but I wanna read 1 as well as 2 and 3 so here I am reading book 1, wish me luck.
@bjpatt Yeah, I swear, all the other book descriptions pretty much rolled off the tongue on a first draft.  This one, I think I'm on the 8th version (on my computer) and have still to get comfortable with any one of them.  Alas...  Thanks for the feedback.
@JcGatlin That's good feedback, JC.  I'll tweak the inside jacket cover accordingly.
@Fakedeadgirlfriend Thanks.  I couldn't agree with you more on how hard it is to do these jacket covers!  Thanks for your thoughts.  I'm glad it works for you.
Nicely done, as usual. 
                                    I think it's still a bit too lengthy for a jacket cover. Something this long would work better as Introductory Notes.
@groovybunny Thanks for the feedback.  Yeah, I agree with Ian as well.  I'm working on a rewrite now.