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Changing Fate Neji Hyūga X Reader {COMPLETED}

Changing Fate Neji Hyūga X Reader {COMPLETED}

96K Reads 5.1K Votes 116 Part Story
[ MM ] By LucyUchiha_ Completed

Being chained to a destiny is bad.
But being chained to a demon, and a destiny in which you'll die at 18, is even worse.
Neji's been there. He can change your fate

CringBaltim CringBaltim Mar 08, 2016
Ice is not an element..i suppose..though i think it can be called kekkei genkai was it?a type of jutsu that can be made by multiple elements. Like Haku used while fighting naruto and sasuke during the zabuza incident.
Tsukiko-ch4n Tsukiko-ch4n Dec 30, 2016
t shirt for the future couple?? if you have one SEND IT TO ME!! this is so kawii!! arigato for the beautiful chappie
pinknodal44 pinknodal44 Jan 06
I am just going to pretend that i have leggings under my dress cause i dont like how my underwear is showing too much skin fot my liking
TsukiyamaWantsDatAss TsukiyamaWantsDatAss Jun 28, 2016
I was never told if I had a middle name or not, but when my grandmother gets angry at me, she calls me "Akane Luther ~last name~" I'm not saying my last name u stalkers lol but anyways I assume my middle name is Luther
Frisk100 Frisk100 Jan 02
But that all changed when the fire 🔥 nation and I have a long way before I can save anyone But I believe I can save the world 🌎 *sone cool music 🎶 plays in the background*