Change | kellic (boyxboy)

Change | kellic (boyxboy)

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Kellin Quinn, ultimate hater of anything related to goth things, is raised by rock-band-loving parents who will do anything to get their dream, emo son. Even though they're divorced. Sick of being forced to listen to music he doesn't like, Kellin learns to hate it all. 

When his mom takes him to a Pierce the Veil concert to try and change his mind, he meets a girl named Alysha who teaches him how to love the band, and more importantly, how to get Vic Fuentes, the singer of the band, to be his boyfriend. 

(All negative thoughts about bands, homosexuality, and race are not my own and are not based on my own personality. Please think before you comment.)

Kellin, I'd do anything to have your parents. You can have mine! Sure, they're a big homophobic, and would probably kick you out if you ever mentioned a boyfriend BUT
                              They would looove a son like you! You could be popular, a fuckboy, or a jock and they'd love you! Just... Easy on the gay part.
Josh_Cena Josh_Cena 4 days ago
I just realized that kellin and turtle have the same eye shape and the only difference is the eye colour,,, aw
That would be the dream!! WUT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
My aunt when I started screaming at the top of my lungs when they came out
- - Oct 31
I would cry and run away I don't want to get noticed by bandmembers during a concert that's horrible