Mikey Is Away ➸ Petekey

Mikey Is Away ➸ Petekey

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lowercase intentional, completed february 20, 2016

this fanfiction is definitely not the best for ten-year-olds and it contains content that some users may find offensive, such as alcohol usage, drug mentions, language (since apparently that has to be tagged?), etc.

petekey/short mention of frerard/implied geetrick/extremely brief frikey (which is only mentioned once and is incredibly brief)
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NighttVic NighttVic May 15
I just snorted loudly because it rhymes DAMN IT VIC THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SERIOUS
Petekey was real doe and so was frerard. Frank and gerard dated for 3 years and almost sued karrang for doing a article on the affair. For all i know pete and mikey had a relation ship during warped tour 2005
it's like the end part of Emily is away :(((( but also like that ryden fic called 11:11
Description: you may not wanna read this if you're ten.
                              Me: well, I'm eleven, so
                              Me: *tries to hairflip*
                              Me: *remembers I chopped off all my hair*
                              Me: o
I saw the title and thought of Emily Is Away... Y'know, the game that takes an hour or so to finish and is an emotional rollercoaster.