Alpha's  Abused Mate

Alpha's Abused Mate

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Toni By Platypus1114 Updated Jun 11

The new Alpha Zack has found his mate, but doesn't know how to feel. His mate is an...Omega. His family and pack are telling him to reject his mate. And his heart is telling him to love his mate.

The Omega, William or Will as he prefers, gets abused by everyone in the pack except for a few. When he finds out his mate is the new Alpha, his main abuser's son, he doesn't know if he should run or stay. 

Will Zack choose love over popularity?

Will William choose to fight and survive or die and give up?

This is the rewritten version.

When it said he was 5'8 I immediately thought of jimin from bts cause he'd 5'8 also (if you don't know who bts is they are a Korean pop group with good music I suggest listening to it)
I'm guessing that his sister plays a role in the future like coming back
                              sorry i read to much
hiddenheartprincess hiddenheartprincess Aug 13, 2016
Good start. It's grabbed my attention and plan on reading further!
Phaniacliontoast Phaniacliontoast Nov 27, 2016
Awwe I really wanted to read this I didn't notice that it only had one chapter ;-;