Just Say You Love Me (Camila/You)

Just Say You Love Me (Camila/You)

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ArianaToMyGrande By ArianaToMyGrande Updated Nov 02

Y/n and Camila have been best friends since they were 11 and Y/n ended up falling for Camila.

They are both 19 now and sadly Camila was in a relationship. What happens when one day Camila's date stands her up and her and Y/n go out for food?

What happens when Y/n saves Camila from getting hit by a car and ends up in a coma? Will Camila finally realise her feelings for him?

Why?! If it's not Camila, then it's Lauren, if not Lauren then it's me. Every fanfic with Camila someone getting hit with a car😫she lucky she bae
 #2 if you have a problem wit Jacob than don't read the story  because no one wants you people negatory  ness
So basically this book is about a guy that likes a girl who he is friends with and is friend zoned
This is confusing me they named two of their Alex because thats my name
Is it bad that I cringe when I thought it was Jacob Saggytitties??
Wtf I know all that stuff he did was horrible but it wouldn't be punishable by death