Just Say You Love Me (Camila/You)

Just Say You Love Me (Camila/You)

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ArianaToMyGrande By ArianaToMyGrande Updated Jan 07

Y/n and Camila have been best friends since they were 11 and Y/n ended up falling for Camila.

They are both 19 now and sadly Camila was in a relationship. What happens when one day Camila's date stands her up and her and Y/n go out for food?

What happens when Y/n saves Camila from getting hit by a car and ends up in a coma? Will Camila finally realise her feelings for him?

allabout_gaylife allabout_gaylife Jul 02, 2016
Why?! If it's not Camila, then it's Lauren, if not Lauren then it's me. Every fanfic with Camila someone getting hit with a car😫she lucky she bae
LifewithinItsself LifewithinItsself Sep 17, 2016
 #2 if you have a problem wit Jacob than don't read the story  because no one wants you people negatory  ness
Jordo-Y2J-971 Jordo-Y2J-971 Nov 22, 2016
So basically this book is about a guy that likes a girl who he is friends with and is friend zoned
MusicalPassion34 MusicalPassion34 Jun 18, 2016
This is confusing me they named two of their Alex because thats my name
pillowtalkhansen pillowtalkhansen Apr 29, 2016
Is it bad that I cringe when I thought it was Jacob Saggytitties??
almightyshipper almightyshipper Apr 21, 2016
Wtf I know all that stuff he did was horrible but it wouldn't be punishable by death