I'm Back, Mate

I'm Back, Mate

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This is the sequel to Hello, Mate. You would have to read the first book to understand this book.

"Violet, I need you to come to this event with me in California, can you buy some plane tickets and hotel room?" My boss asked as I typed some files into the computer.

"Yeah, sure thing Eric, I will buy the tickets in a minute and we can leave this Wednesday," I replied as I finished typing and started buying the tickets.

"You are the best personal assistant I have ever had Violet," Eric complimented. He smiled at me and I returned the smile. California. I moved to Paris a year ago, away from California. Away from my mate. 

"Thank you Eric," I thanked him before he left me to do my work.

The day we left to California was scary, I really hope I don't see Cade. I touched the mark on my neck. It was slowly fading away. 

We got off the plane and walked out front. I told my boss I was going to have someone pick me up and I could stay with her. My mom.

"Violet!" My mom yelled when she saw me. I smiled at her and she hugged me. When she let me go I put my things in her car and turned around and hugged her again.

"Hi mom," I said as we hugged. 

"Come on, you must be tired and hungry," my mom said as she walked to her car. I got in and she started it up and drove.

I wasn't paying attention to where we were going I was just happy to be back. When the car stopped I got out without looking where we were. 

When I looked at the building pain went through my heart. This was Cade's pack house. 

"Mom?" I looked over at my mom and she was already carrying my bags in. I followed her cautiously. She set my things down in the living room and went into the kitchen. I followed. When I got into the kitchen I stopped and my purse fell off my shoulder. 

There stood Cade staring at me.

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Arianny77 Arianny77 Apr 18
i knew it honestly 😂 how old was the author when she wrote this like 12 ? seriously this is ridiculous. and 
                              i’m usually not rude but my goodness
NadaiyaAcevedo NadaiyaAcevedo Feb 21, 2017
umm that was a fast forgiving... it's like some guy fucks me and i can't find him in my bed the next morning.. and after a few months or weeks i forgive him. I see fault in this .-. But other then that amazing book!