earrings and art socks: a frerard fic

earrings and art socks: a frerard fic

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"boys don't wear earrings."
"well, normal people wear pants that actually fit."

in which gerard wears earrings everyday & frank rolls up the cuffs of his skinny jeans so he can show off his socks.

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cover art is not mine, credit to artist.

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idkhbtfmhoe idkhbtfmhoe May 22, 2017
Anyone else think of Spencer's socks that his buddy socko made for him from iCarly?
tragici4n tragici4n Aug 03, 2017
i read this while listening to sex pistols and wearing red lipstick, this is me
HoldMeTightOrDont HoldMeTightOrDont May 15, 2017
Wait I thought Gee was the one who wanted to show the world his cool socks?
head-gone-astray head-gone-astray Mar 24, 2017
R O B E R T  S M I T H
                              M M M M M  I  L O V E  T H E  C U R E
bulletsbelleville bulletsbelleville May 31, 2016
this makes me laugh sm because I literally do the thing where I roll up my pants to show off my socks
JustMoreJoshler JustMoreJoshler Oct 17, 2016
Are you sure this is a description of frank? Sounds more like me