His Shank (Minho X Reader)

His Shank (Minho X Reader)

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Autumn By Autumn-Wan-Kenobi Updated Jan 03

	You felt around, feeling the metal box and jumping when it screeches. There had to be a way out. If you got in, you could get out.

	"Hello?" You call out. Your voice echoed. You knew you'd get no answer, and the fact you'd already tried this. You at least wanted to be sure.

	You felt on the bottom, how was this thing holding up? What is it? And where is it taking you? You sighed and shook your head. If you were good at anything, it was remaining calm. You tried thinking of your family again.

	Your mother. Who was she? You couldn't tell as you remembered everyone, but couldn't place their names, or who they were to you. Your name. It felt wrong. Like someone replaced the original one. Y/n. Maybe they hadn't? Who were they....?

	You're pulled out of your thoughts as the metal box comes to a jerk, and then stops. You cover your ears at the screeching noise. How long will it be until you get it out? Surely it's already been thirty minutes. You figured as you heard footsteps above you,...

Minho: NO BEN. GAWSH. NO. IM THE SASS MASS. (aka sass master😂)  *walks up to Ben with sass**smacks Ben with sass* YOU CANT DO IT! I GOT THE SASS YOU GOT THE PASS! GASH *walks away* shameeee-_-
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS IN BETWEEN MY BAES!!!!!!!! life's good..life's good
When it said this I thought it said 'then you cut off your hair' and I was like Mulan?
I love how people describe Alby it's the best part of the whole book
*blushes like crazy, looking like all the blood in your body is in your head*
Aina_Gimeno Aina_Gimeno Aug 09
Thank you but I don't need a guy to tell me that *flips hair*