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Bleeding Hearts [editing]

Bleeding Hearts [editing]

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a By vibingly Completed

❝You mean to tell me that out of all of those girls, you haven't slept with one of them?'

'Why do you suppose there's a new one every day?' Ford wonders rhetorically. 'Because I take them home, trying to convince myself that this will be it, that I'll finally do it with someone other than you. But when our clothes are off and our bodies are ready, I can't bring myself to do it, because behind those eyes of a stranger I see you, smiling down at me and telling me over and over again how much you love me and how much you want us to be forever. And you know what I see next?' Ford grips tighter onto my hand. 'I see you sobbing, I see me shattering your heart into a thousand pieces as I watch you go, wishing that I could just kiss you one. More. Time.❞

JuneRoberts JuneRoberts Dec 12, 2016
"Then again, you've always sounded great, Leah."
                              Me; Yes, she does. And guess what'll sound better? THE SLAP IN THE FACE YOU SHOULD RECEIVE BY HER BE GLAD SHE STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU
- - Dec 03, 2016
I want to snap his dick and shove it down his throat so he can literally suck it (:
HaneenElgwabre HaneenElgwabre Dec 23, 2016
                              YOU ARE A MÔTHERFÛCKING ÀSSHÒLE
JuneRoberts JuneRoberts Dec 12, 2016
I am judging him hardcore rn but I feel like I should read more before deciding to not like him