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My Beloved Italian Ceo

My Beloved Italian Ceo

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prince_stark By prince_stark Updated Oct 23, 2016

Noelle is a 21 year old independent women who wants to make her on way in the world  to because of her dad's money so when she finds a job as a personal assistant to the Ceo of cyclone corp. She doesn't know what she got her self into.

Diego santana is is 25 and the Ceo of cyclone Corp so people say he has no heart others just hate him yet women just throw themselves at him only to have a broken heart the next morning but when noelle comes to work for everything changes he wants noelle will he give up his player was? He always gets what he wants and what he wants is noelle.

Kashii101 Kashii101 Apr 02, 2016
Am not for in Iove it already n that was just racism am black and if a bitch ever try to disrespect me like that her head would be on the counter in an blink of an eye I like this book cause it shows gangsta and all different kind of emotion I feel this way and I am just on the third page wow
bubble_yum1531 bubble_yum1531 Apr 01, 2016
usually the big bad billionare makes her stay at his mansion and noelle is awesome I already love it
Sweetcake27ST Sweetcake27ST Nov 20, 2016
Bauxide she called her a ho
                              Oh dam think amma love this girl and book
poTEAto poTEAto Jun 12, 2016
Damn he's got a physic to see her future? Where can I get one?
-cherrybomb_ -cherrybomb_ Jan 01, 2016
Lol he said she was fired for being a complete whore 😂😂😂 lol
jforjadaaa jforjadaaa Dec 26, 2015
I swear I thought her name was noodle until I looked closer 😂