FallOutBoy is my family

FallOutBoy is my family

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13 year old Aria's life in the orphanage wasn't fun. Each day the fear of being alone for the rest of her life made her worry and depressed. But one day, one of the Fall Out Boy members come in. Aria knew a little bit of them. 

She got picked.

Her whole life turned. As soon as she got to know them, she became a fan, is it okay to fangirl your own family? 
Her life was weird living with a super star with crazy fans everywhere and tours to go on... and Pete to deal with.

(Let's just pretend they all live close together and only need one bus for the tour. I'm a slow writer. Hope you like it!!)

Some jokes or memes might be out of date. Please keep in mind that the first few chapters were written when the John Cena vine was around and when P!ATD released Death Of A Bachelor.

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coldlulu10 coldlulu10 Apr 02
Stella is me in a nutshell a fan girl of mcr,fob,p!atd,bvb and greenday ahhhhhhhhhh
My mind went to heather when Veronica is at the 7-11 "VERONICAAAAAAW"
me: did you all fall down when the sun came up? 
                              everyone else: *glares*
                              me: sorry guess you've had enough
logangsterfangirl logangsterfangirl Nov 24, 2017
Jeez Gina is just like me i listen to multiple bands like patd to Mcr to top to fob
Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub.  A towel under his knees, and another under his hands.