Transformers 3 X Reader

Transformers 3 X Reader

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Rydragon03 By Rydragon03 Updated Dec 11, 2016

Yo what's up? THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK!!!!!!!

You guys really liked to first two books, I you made a third book. So there it is. Please keep liking it and leaving comments. Everyone knows what this X reader is about.

Your the little sister of Optimus Prime and Megatron (Mega Baby) blah blah blah blah.


- - Aug 07, 2016
I hated Carly with a passion when her "car" her boss got her held her captive I was like "YASSS Shockwave kill that slagging glitch (it was Shockwave right?)"
SapphireDecepticon SapphireDecepticon May 30, 2016
I didn't like Carly, but that doesn't mean that I like Makayla either.
Darknesstaken15 Darknesstaken15 Oct 31, 2016
I haye Carly. Makayla was so much more badass. Even Wheelie doesnt like her.
DJDoorFrame DJDoorFrame Apr 25, 2016
I think everyone here cam agree that Makayla is better than I don't hate Carly, but I don't like her....she's to.....perfect....
stephanielas stephanielas Dec 22, 2015
Preach it girl! Preach! I'm sorry but Carly is just-ugh! I can't stand her(not the actor).