Harry Potter and the Third War

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Jacob Kudria By jkudria45 Updated 4 years ago
All is well in the happenings of life. With Voldermort gone, everything seems to be ok. But some people can forget in the times of good. Some people can forget about the existance of revenge...what it means and what it can do. Is Voldemort really gone? Or does he still exist in the ways of life. Forgetfullness is a powerful thing, and it can destroy life.
    What happens after the defeat of the Dark Lord, what happens to the Golden Trio? Is the life they know really over? They're more mature, and they might see things in different light nowadays...
Doesn't seem to Harry potterish, because they all are married and grown up
I love it so far i am adicted to Harry Potter and like is Draco Malfoy gonna be in it cus he is a really good character failing the mission and everything
I think you need to put a bit more detail, other than that it is good!
A great story!!!!!!!!!! :) Can you check out our Harry Potter books? Thanks!
This is cool. I'm so sad how Harry Potter ended so it's awesome that you're doing a continuation. I like the way you said McGonagal (bad spelling I know) gave a 'rare smile' thats a cool line and really keeps her character. great start!
This is really good! I love how you took off from where JK Rowling left it, I always did wonder what would happen next!