You're A Hetalia Fan If...

You're A Hetalia Fan If...

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The title is pretty self explanatory I guess. Welcome to my trashcan.

I'm sorry but it appears you're 100% Hetalian.

There's no turning back now

Hetalia: Countries have never been so different

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Itaria, Doitsu, Nihon, Amerika, Igirisu, Furansu, Roshia, Chuugoku, Kanada, Supein etc. etc. XD
SandboxRose SandboxRose Apr 08
I am attracted to both of my father’s countries: Spain and Italy (Feli and Romano!)
Artyshul Artyshul Mar 24
Russia, Greece, Switzerland.......maybe England.......    *hides in a corner*
gsunny6 gsunny6 Apr 12
I find Canada just a little bit attractive and if he wasn’t such a bitch Molossia would be cute…
Living_As_Myself Living_As_Myself 3 days ago
Romano, Spain, America, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Prussia, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy
                              I could go on for hours ^^
mayachan9 mayachan9 Apr 15
I love Japan and Netherlands and of course my favorite spain