You're A Hetalia Fan If...

You're A Hetalia Fan If...

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The title is pretty self explanatory I guess. Welcome to my trashcan.

I'm sorry but it appears you're 100% Hetalian.

There's no turning back now

Hetalia: Countries have never been so different

I call dibs on Italy, Russia, Japan and Greece 
                              NO REGRETS!!
weaver2017 weaver2017 Jan 31
Im attracted to canada america england italy romano and spain
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!! (I forget the rest of the song 😜)
Nordics, Italy, Romano, Scotland, America, Japan, England, China, and Greece
Admin: I'm attracted to, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Romano and England
Prussia, Japan, Canada, Russia, Hungary, Germany, FRANCE, Austria...I'd say all of them.