Kakashi's Daughter

Kakashi's Daughter

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ForeverTwistedLove By ForeverTwistedLove Updated Dec 16, 2016

What if Kakashi had a daughter he didn't even know about? What would happen if everyone mistook her as a boy and she didn't mind? Well your just gonna have to find out.

Non Uchiha massacre. Minato and Kushina are alive. So is Rin and Obito. But Kakashi still has the Sharingan.

I do not own anything, i only own my oc

Yup. Whiskey is always the better choice. I don't like wine. Sake is just rice wine.
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Mar 21
Gah, Kakabaka your just.... 😞 I'm disappointed in u right now... one night stand?! Without protection? *sigh* Kakashi, u just lost your title as a sen in my book
Omg I am so not going to get over this
                              Kakashi why the FŪCK did u name ur fücking daughter Kaoru when Kaoru is a boy name and ur kid is a fücking GIRL!!!!!!
Idk why I'm here. I just clicked on the first book I saw and decided. HEY!, I like naruto!might as well! Hahe!!!
Uh, look kid, you're not suppose to know what a one night stand is. Well kid, what do you know, I'm worried for your innocence.
Ah this kinda reminds me of when Toru found out her mom died in Fruits Basket