Kakashi's Daughter

Kakashi's Daughter

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ForeverTwistedLove By ForeverTwistedLove Updated Dec 16, 2016

What if Kakashi had a daughter he didn't even know about? What would happen if everyone mistook her as a boy and she didn't mind? Well your just gonna have to find out.

Non Uchiha massacre. Minato and Kushina are alive. So is Rin and Obito. But Kakashi still has the Sharingan.

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hydi-capa hydi-capa Oct 03, 2016
I'm confused they keep saying him I thought this was a kakashi daughter book
Nonactive_Account Nonactive_Account Nov 07, 2016
I clicked on this because... You have a fuzzing picture of Killua as your cover... And Killua looks so... fuzzing... Adorable...
Wait a sec..... Did Naruto already born....? then what is Minato doing here ( guys, i don't want Minato dead). i just want the answer..... Bcoz, really i'm confused ......
K1ttyPaw5 K1ttyPaw5 Dec 06, 2016
A hundred years later, my brother and u found the new Avatar, a Airbender named Aang. Though he's air bending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he can save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.
SweetHeartfilia SweetHeartfilia Sep 10, 2016
Ahh kakashi couldn't keep his zipper closed while her mother couldn't stop spreading her legs... *giggles* I'm messed up
K1ttyPaw5 K1ttyPaw5 Dec 06, 2016