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The White Wolf ✿ Completed

The White Wolf ✿ Completed

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✨ Amateur writer ✨ By Misty_29 Updated Jan 10


This story needs major editing and is honestly terrible at the start but hopefully it got better as I continued to write. Their will be grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and just plain stupidity because I started writing this book when I was 12, so give me a break, hopefully my writing has gotten better than this so it might be better if you read one of my other books. Anyway have a great day!


Aurora Cassidy. A 17 year old teenage girl. She's smart, sarcastic, a bit rude and absolutely gorgeous. She's the daughter of one of the strongest and most feared alpha's in the world. Her father is Alpha Blake so that makes her mother Luna Felicity. She has two older brothers and a younger sister. Aurora's family is special in many ways, but in one of the most obvious ways because Aurora is a white werewolf. Her wolf's name is Shadow and they're as thick as thieves. Aurora has lived a hard life and will continue too in the future. Oh and one little thing, Aurora likes the idea of having a mate as much kicking her toe into furniture or walking into the corner of the bench or piece of furniture. 

Nathan Bass. A 18 year old idiotic teenage boy. He's idiotic, rude, sarcastic but drop dead handsome. He's going to be an Alpha one day once his father gives him the pack. His father is ruthless, making the pack and his father one of the most feared packs in the world. His father is Alpha Daniel and his mother is Luna Sam. He has a little brother and sister. Nathan's wolf's name is Storm and Storm is completely different from Nathan. Nathan being the sweet, caring half and storm being the passive, angry half. Nathan's lived a pretty okay life, apart from having one of the most feared alpha's as your dad who is a complete asshole to you and makes you think you'll never be good enough for the alpha position and your mate. 


"You can hate me, yell at me and hit me but you will not leave me, never again. You're mine"

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kkg12304 kkg12304 Apr 03
Is it bad that all I'm thinking is that she lost her virginity at 12
WolfyEvans WolfyEvans Aug 24, 2016
I know that look quite well. I'm almost always thinking 'I wouldn't be surprised if I literally just self-destructed right then and there.
grace_chtlne2005 grace_chtlne2005 Sep 03, 2016
I don't really get why Aurora is taking this so bad. Ik she got kidnapped and all but just MENTIONING rogues and telling her to b careful isn't bad
Well you better believe it! Cuz we all know the legend ALWAYS comes true
Hotness10 Hotness10 Dec 04, 2016
Dammnnnn!!!!! Never get a woman upset....I screamed out damn and my mom looked me with a sacred look.....don't mess with woman and I'm one so I should know
IdaStilinski IdaStilinski Sep 24, 2016
Tf, ur dad's the alpha, he didn't even look for you? Tf is this?