Don't Give Up

Don't Give Up

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Lauren is getting abused by her fosterdad. At school she gets bullied. One day, she meets a Girl. Dinah. A few days later they meet again but in a different environment. 

"Don't give up" are the 3 word she said.


(This story has very bad grammar and spelling for the first... Maybe 10 chapters, after that it gets better. I swear. ) 

This is my first story ever written....and English isn't my first language...
So sorry if you ever find a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes..:/

Also Camila, Ally and Normani are not in the first few chapters...
And Laurinah comes later in the story.

like what? like a human being? okay. "gurrrgleleb." is that better 'dad'. smh.
I'm about to go and vote on all these chapters bcuz when I read it first I didn't know how this whole wattpad thing worked and I didn't know what vote meant
"the only difference between you and i is that when you wake up your nightmare ends."
lovekilles2 lovekilles2 Aug 22
O I can handle it but u caught me of guard in the first chapter