His BadBoy Ways [ Book I ] [Slowly Editing]

His BadBoy Ways [ Book I ] [Slowly Editing]

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☼  S A B R I N A ☼ By Sabrinaaxxo Completed

Kaiden Asher was a dangerous boy . 

He did illegal underground fighting enjoying the feeling of hurting people with his bare hands .

Haunted memories and past hunt around Kaiden like a dark fog causing him to loose his mind .

He was the devil and they told me to stay away from him .

Well I didn't . 

They say he'll ruin you . .

So let him ruin me . . 

Copy write 2015 ©™ Sabrina A. 

All rights reserved ®

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Warning : NEEDS MAJOR EDITING I'm working on it

Another WARNING : I suck asś at Spanish so if you stumble upon Spanish and it doesn't make sense just know that I got it from Google.

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You go girl!! And I'm listening to BTS Save Me and just finished listening to Butterfly ad boy does the mood fit the songs, if that even makes sense😂
Exactly two inches not 2 and 1/8 😂 I'm sorry I'm just being a stubborn reader it's really good so far
vampgurl101 vampgurl101 Jan 19, 2017
Boi I would not have walked away if I knew there was even the slightest chance he would take his life
vampgurl101 vampgurl101 Jan 19, 2017
I low key started reading book two because I didn't realize that it was book two so I know what happens in the end... Lol
heartIevss heartIevss Dec 27, 2016
This is really serious, but I literally just laughed so hard.
Clarinet_lover13 Clarinet_lover13 Feb 21, 2017
Me: CUZ I don't want to be a witness and probably go to jail XD (I am not making fun of people who feel suicidal btw)