Gotham High: A High school romance with a Twist

Gotham High: A High school romance with a Twist

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Harley Quinn By Harley__quinn_napier Updated Jan 02, 2017

Harleen Quinzel is your average 16 year old girl, in a not so average school. Gotham High is a dangerous and crazy place, where gangs and criminals rule, that is until Jack came along. What will happen to Harleen when she meets Jack? Will she become like him or will she listen to her best  friends?

>Based on DC comics stories, most characters and places mentioned belong to them, but the story and certain characters and places are of my own invention.

>This isn't your Classic Madlove story

>There will more than likely be a sequel!

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noconnection_dino noconnection_dino Aug 23, 2016
This might be a dumb question but what's a timetable is it their way to say schedule?
_LISA_BLINK_ _LISA_BLINK_ Aug 06, 2016
Soon as I got to this part I knew I was going to enjoy this 👍👍💜💜
EtherealFangirl10 EtherealFangirl10 Aug 11, 2016
Does anyone else agree that what ever joker does u still want them to be together? Because that's me.