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Bullied by them..

Bullied by them..

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Spiderman By i_like_food08 Updated Jul 05, 2015

Winter Davis? Doesn't sound like the name of someone that get's bullied by 5 boys in particular now does it? Well think again. She was the new girl. She didn't know that one tiny mistake could lead to being bullied and put down every day of her school life. Read to find out more about Winter Davis in Bullied by them..

iknowhowto iknowhowto Aug 19, 2016
ok then don't know where this is going but I will give it a chance
flthyjae flthyjae Apr 21, 2016
Dude if someone did this to me, you wouldn't see that someone the next day
These comments are triggering me I hate when he is put out to be  womanizing.
little-girly-girl little-girly-girl Sep 10, 2016
*gets out a belt* louis get cha joker lookin ass over here imma give you something yo momma never gave you
Luke_oreos_Hemmings Luke_oreos_Hemmings Jul 06, 2016
U guys are razz fam. Do I have any Nigerians that r picking up wetin I de put down
little-girly-girl little-girly-girl Sep 10, 2016
I feel like I'm too much of a hoe to be bullied by them I would suck their dicks on the spot I'm sorry I'm just being honest lmao jk