Into The Anime World??!!

Into The Anime World??!!

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Callista Stefanie By Meloisca Updated 4 days ago

Just want to say that I do not own anything about this character anime! And sorry for the grammar thing. 

Biggest Idea and Credit goes to: SheIsAHellishAngel -> Grimoirelle (Now)

Cover edited by: Callista_Stefanie

Warnings!: MANY BAD WORDS and OOC!

Mei Ariana, a girl that has a very bad past. She always been bullied by her friends and so thats why she doesn't have any friend. One day, Yuki, the goddess of dream help her by sending her to the anime world. She meet many friends and she shows them her true inner self. That she was a bubbly, crazy, Otaku...ummm... Ugly (According to the Author) girl.

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Reincarnatedbox Reincarnatedbox Jul 21, 2017
Lol I am actually listening to a song called hell, and the guy sang "I am going to hell".
Otaku-Ariana Otaku-Ariana Nov 09, 2017
This is so close to me😂. My name is Ariana Mai (last name private). I’m 15, blood type O, and otaku. Only differences I see so far are her looks and birthday.
Lizzie-wolf Lizzie-wolf Dec 09, 2017
This is really funny I’m sold on reading this book now good job
claireemina claireemina Dec 09, 2017
When I see this again I was like.... 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 she's pretty darn
Akatsuki_Shiro Akatsuki_Shiro Apr 12, 2016
You'll die if you're just going to start watching the very first episode now without stopping
peachysodaaa peachysodaaa Jun 01, 2016
O_o everything but her birthday and name are the same as mine... Well then..